latest Matrix Premier HD Receiver Firmware Download

Today we update the latest Matrix Premier HD receiver firmware. Perhaps the Matrix satellite decoder that we know is from the Parabolic Matrix, but this time it is different, so the Matrix that we will discuss is one of the brands that is not circulating in Asia, UAE, Egypt etc. The receiver variants are quite a lot too and for this time we discuss the Premier Matrix

Matrix Premier HD

The Matrix Premier HD decoder is one of the many receivers that haVE the Montage CS8001-S chipset. This receiver is identical to our previous discussion, that is, a receiver from Star Live and the same as using the Premier tip, which is Star Live Premier, and the same is protected as well. And also Matrix Premier software is equipped with online updates that can be saved to USB without upgrading first.
If we have listened to the Star Live Premier software discussion, we already know what receivers that support the Premier HD Matrix because it is identical as can be said to be the same. Maybe from some people who are trying to update the remote config. But actually, if you have a lot of remote configs, you can try to replace it.

On this page, IT HOME OF SOLUTION will provide a little download link to the latest software. For those who want to try upgrading the Matrix software, first, try not to use corrupt firmware. For those who need the Matrix Premier HD firmware, please download from the following link.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE Matrix Premier software

Hardware Modelpremiere matrix
Hardware Version1IN_LED_128
F / W Version817
Software VersionV.05.05
Software download link Download

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