Star Live Premier HD receiver software

Star Live Premier HD

it home of solution updates the latest Star Live Premier HD receiver software. The parabolic decoders of Star Live are quite diverse, and may also be foreign to us in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt, etc. That is understandable because indeed Star Live receivers are not circulating all over. It’s just that there are many variants that are as identical as Star Live receivers, especially Star Live Premier HD, which we will discuss.

Star Live Premier HD

The Star Live Premier HD satellite dish is one of the satellite decoders that use the Montage CS8001 chipset. For other versions of Star Live receivers, it is not known whether or not it is as identical as this Receiver. It’s just that for Montage chipset users like most there are u33k, u80k and that has never been found in it home of solution which is identical to the receiver in all over the world.
Already many in people are using the Montage CS8001 chipset, from the K5S generation, Skybox, Big Burger and many others. For Star Premier HD software, this can be used in several receivers that we mentioned. It’s just that there are differences in the remote configuration section is also most likely different in the front panel LED.

On this page, IT SOLUTION wants to provide a download link for the latest software. For those who want to upgrade Star Premier HD software or want to use it in another receiver, please check the firmware first. For those who need the latest firmware, please download from the following link

Hardware ModelStar Live Premier
Hardware Version1IN_LED_128
Software Model817
Software VersionV.05.05
Update7/21 2019
Wifi Chipset5370
Download linksDownload IT

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