adobe PageMaker 7.0 free download full version

Adobe Pagemaker 7.0, the latest version of this venerable desktop publishing application, although still sold and backed by Adobe, InDesign CS4 now covers the operation of this product. It has been made for designing objects to print, such as posters, flyers, and reports. The most advantageous feature of this software is that you can export… Read More »

iStrong GX-2525 HD latest firmware software download

Today I am updated the latest firmware satellite dish receiver iStrong GX-2525HD. Satellite decoders from Strong are indeed very diverse, there are already a number of which Satellite Receiver is discussing. And this time we will discuss one of the receivers from Strong, and Indonesian Satellite chose iStrong GX-2525 HD. The iStrong GX-2525 decoder is… Read More »

Skybox A1 plus latest software download

I.T home of solution updates and to use one of the advantages of Skybox A1 plus compared to other Skybox A1 Series. Maybe the superiority of Skybox A1 plus H265 is already known because from the beginning, the i.t solution groups were offensive and in several groups also discussed it, especially the Skybox A1 Plus… Read More »

Download the latest software Goldsat Rose new firmware

Today we update Goldsat rose software that uses the latest Guo Xin chipset. Satellite decoders from GoldSat Parabola are quite diverse, recently the ALI and Nationalchip types are quite fresh. Several times there have been firmware receiver updates with improvements and additional features to make it more stable and pampering its users. This time we… Read More »

latest Matrix Premier HD Receiver Firmware Download

Today we update the latest Matrix Premier HD receiver firmware. Perhaps the Matrix satellite decoder that we know is from the Parabolic Matrix, but this time it is different, so the Matrix that we will discuss is one of the brands that is not circulating in Asia, UAE, Egypt etc. The receiver variants are quite… Read More »

Star Live Premier HD receiver software

it home of solution updates the latest Star Live Premier HD receiver software. The parabolic decoders of Star Live are quite diverse, and may also be foreign to us in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt, etc. That is understandable because indeed Star Live receivers are not circulating all over. It’s just that there are many variants… Read More »

Grouhy 6666 Mini HD satellite receiver firmware

Grouhy 6666 Mini HD satellite receiver latest Software Grouhy 6666 Mini HD satellite receiver firmware. this Receivers from Grouhy are quite varied, it’s just that not all know about this brand. This is because Grouhy is not a receiver brand in Pakistan, Indonesia, etc but if I’m not mistaken around Egypt. This time we will… Read More »

dany tv tuner card software free download

tv tuner card software for pc and Laptop for all window 10,/window 8.1/window 7 tv tuner card software ,the latest version of the Dany USB Tv Stick Device U-2000 is available for download here for free. It is the best software to help you live TV on your PC. The latest version is compatible with… Read More »

independence day whatsApp viral wishing script 2019

independence day viral wishing script 2019 to day i am sharing latest independence day viral wishing script 2019 video tutorial how to edit script watch this video Download script You also like This Post Views: 94

istrong satellite receiver 7878 latest software download

ithomeofsolution updates the latest strong GX-7878 HD software. iStrong’s decoder increased again, but actually there were a lot of releases from istrong but indeed only a receiver was not all firmware, so we couldn’t check. For that, we will discuss one of the iStrong receivers, istrong GX-7878 HD. istrong satellite receiver 7878 The strong GX-7878… Read More »