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Download latest Software Echolink El- 1000

Hello Friend Echolink El- 1000 Hi everyone if you are searching software likes Ali3510C and All-China F1 F2 Green Goto Button Receiver. ALL ALI3510C CHIP RECEIVER AUTO ROLL POWERVU KEY NEW SOFTWARE, First check Your Software version like in Picture Echolink El- 1000 ALI3510C-V5530_U35_102.02.028 ALI3510C-HW102.02.033 ALI3510C-HW102.02.999-V-5079 ALI3510C-Hw102.02.003 Download Software if your Receiver has this kind… Read More »

Download NEOSAT NS 990Dlatest software

NEOSAT NS 990D Receivers Software hi Friends Today I am going to show you how to update software Ns 990D  Just press Menu Button On your remote then Go to Setting now go to about option See the version of Your Receiver Hardware like in Picture NOW DOWNLOAD RELATED SOFTWARE           … Read More »

All China F1 F2 Receiver software update 2018

All China F1 F2 Receiver Good New for Dish tv viewer  All China F1 F2 Receiver auto-update software is Available. so check your Receiver hardware version 1st then Download the software and update them if your hardware not matching this version do not Download and update otherwise your Receiver is dead to updating the wrong software. when you… Read More »