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All Biss keys    

Sony ten 1 . TenSport  (Pakistan) -Sony Wah   Sony

11 37 54 C6 C0 CE E1 00
78 5E 6A FF 44 D7 A9 00

Earth Pvu (Biss) Key



Discovery Network latest Power Vu Keys

 sony biss key

Discovery Networks Details:

The company currently operates 11 channels in India, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery Kids, ID-Investigation Discovery, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Discovery Tamil, Discovery HD World, TLC HD World and Animal Planet HD World.

We are sharing the powervu keys of discovery networks. Keep visit the site and thread for more interesting updates.


Discovery Network PowerVU

DSC Newtork powervu: Updated 14/02/201

Intelsat20 68.5E Powervu Key

Updated: 14/02/2018


Add directly in Softcam and update.

P 37400028 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;DSC India

P 37400028 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;DSC India

P 37400029 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;DSC India-English

P 37400029 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;DSC India-English

P 3740002a 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;DSC India-Aux

P 3740002a 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;DSC India-Aux

P 3740002b 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;DSC INDIA-TELUGU

P 3740002b 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;DSC INDIA-TELUGU



P 3740002d 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;Discovery Tamil Nadu

P 3740002d 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;Discovery Tamil Nadu

 Some more keys new update

P 3740003c 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;APL India

P 3740003c 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;APL India

P 3740003d 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;APL India-English

P 3740003d 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;APL India-English

P 3740003e 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;APL India-AUX

P 3740003e 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;APL India-AUX

P 3740005a 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;Science India-English

P 3740005a 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;Science India-English

P 3740005b 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;Science India-Hindi

P 3740005b 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;Science India-Hindi

P 37400064 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;Turbo India

P 37400064 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;Turbo India

P 37400078 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;TLC India-Hindi

P 37400078 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;TLC India-Hindi

P 37400079 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;TLC India-English

P 37400079 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;TLC India-English

P 3740008c 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;Kids India-English

P 3740008c 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;Kids India-English

P 3740008d 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;Kids India-Hindi

P 3740008d 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;Kids India-Hindi

P 3740008e 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;Kids India-Tamil

P 3740008e 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;Kids India-Tamil

More Keys

P 37400051 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;Discovery Jeet

P 37400051 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;Discovery Jeet

P 37400052 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;Discovery Jeet HD

P 37400052 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;Discovery Jeet HD

P 37400096 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;DHD India

P 37400096 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;DHD India

P 37400098 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;APLHD WORLD

P 37400098 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;APLHD WORLD

P 37400097 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;TLC HD World

P 37400097 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;TLC HD World

P 374000A0 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;APLHD WORLD India Hindi

P 374000A0 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;APLHD WORLD India Hindi

P 37400097 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;TLC HD World

P 37400097 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;TLC HD World

P 3740009d 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;TLC HD World India Hidni

P 3740009d 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;TLC HD World India Hindi

P 37400055 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;Discovery Jeet Telugu

P 37400055 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;Discovery Jeet Telugu

P 37400056 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;Discovery Jeet Tamil

P 37400056 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;Discovery Jeet Tamil

P 37400053 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;Discovery Jeet HD Telugu

P 37400053 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;Discovery Jeet HD Telugu

P 37400054 00 46EAE531CBEE5C ;Discovery Jeet HD Tamil

P 37400054 01 3E5DC13DF9A7AA ;Discovery Jeet HD Tamil