Grouhy 6666 Mini HD satellite receiver firmware

Grouhy 6666 Mini HD

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Grouhy 6666 Mini HD satellite receiver latest Software

Grouchy 6666 Mini HD satellite receiver firmware. The receivers from Grouhy are quite varied, it’s just that not all know about this brand. This is because Grouhy is not a receiver brand in Pakistan, Indonesia, etc but if I’m not mistaken around Egypt. This time we will discuss Grouhy Mini HD software.

Grouhy 6666 Mini HD

This Grouhy Mini HD receiver is one of the parabolic decoders that use the C8001T chipset or is in the 80510T series. And in some places, it has also discussed this type of receiver. This Mini HD receiver is as identical to some other receivers such as the Helyo Tech 6666 Mini HD, Rony 6666 Mini HD and maybe also the Grouhy 9999 HD.
In Indonesia, Grouhy 66 66 Mini HD is identical to Skybox A1 Plus, for other receivers, it seems that it doesn’t exist yet. Its use is quite easy, maybe those who are familiar with the Icone i300 must also be smoothly using it. Because it is in terms of the same OSD. It’s just different from the customer id and series. It also supports USB recovery, so it’s better if there is a problem as long as the boot loader doesn’t have a problem.

Here the i.t solution wants to provide a download link for the latest Grouhy 66 66Mini HD software. For those who want to upgrade the Grouhy 66 66 Mini HD software or use it in another receiver, please check first, don’t use corrupt firmware. For those who need and want to try the Grouhy 66 66 Mini HD firmware, please download it from the following link.

Download Mini Grouhy 6666 HD latest software

About Information
Hardware ModelHSB133 (265)
Hardware VersionHSB133-8001-02 (B)
Software Model2370_817_8051T
Software Version205.1.1.12223
UpdateJul – 30 – 2019
Wifi Chipset7601, 5370,8188
Downloading linkDownload

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