dany tv tuner card software free download

tv tuner card software for pc and Laptop for all window 10,/window 8.1/window 7

tv tuner card software ,the latest version of the Dany USB Tv Stick Device U-2000 is available for download here for free. It is the best software to help you live TV on your PC.

tv tuner card software

The latest version is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.
but this software is not fully compatible with window 8.8.1 and window 10. because if you use your cable setting, it only supports video but
no voice, but I have the solution to this mistake
I will give you other software that supports all windows 10 and 8.8.1 if you are using windows 7 with this original software.
Install the Dany USB software on your Windows operating system and enjoy watching TV channels on your computers. It can also support cable, DVB
and VCD receivers. First, connect the Dany USB TV to your PC and install its software to follow the download link provided below.

tv tuner card software

In this post, I will share the most perfect and necessary software for your desktop, Mac, and laptops. The Dany USB Tv Stick software is
Herewith new interesting features. You can use these features after installing the Dany USB Tv Stick software on your Windows operating system.

Enjoy playing your favorite TV channels on your computer without any problems. The latest and updated version of the Dany USB TV Stick U-2000 is available for download.
Just follow the download link below to download the .exe file for free.

information Software
Dany u 2000 Download

how to install tv tuner software in laptop and Pc system

  • when you download the software with the help of winrar 1st you extract all file
  • now open the dany stick folder there you found auto run File like in picture
  • now double click on autorun
  • now click on install

after installation complete your software is ready for use

window 10 and window 8.1 dany support software

Tv Home Media3 is not fully supported window 8.1 and window 10.

If your operator system is window 8.1 /window 10 you need another software like Potplayer


how to us tv tuner in potplayer ?

potplayer is best player for all tv tuner card and also video player for media it supported mkv and all hd file format files

  • now the question is this how to use port player as tv tuner it is very easy please follow all my step one by one
  • 1st download Potplayer
  • now install Potplayer
  • after complete instation open potplayer
  • i made screen short for you this is very easy learning method
  • Follow all step one by one as shown in picture
  • Follow the step 1
  • click one open
  • now goto device (Alt+d) press in key board it short command
 potplayer tv setting

if you are using LOCAL CABLE TV follow this setting

 potplayer tunner setting tv tuner card software

 potplayer cable setting tv tuner card software

if you are interesting to use Dish Receiver or other AV system use this setting

tv tuner card software av setting  potplayer
cable tv
cable tv channels

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