frequency and symbol rate of Zoo Moo on the latest Palapa D satellite

By | January 10, 2020
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We update the frequency and symbol rate of Zoo Moo on the latest Palapa D satellite. The Zoo Moo channel adds to the list of channels in Palapa D that can be locked from Indonesia via satellite TV.

Channel Zoo Moo is a television broadcast that broadcasts children’s entertainment and education programs. In this Zoo Moo channel, we can give a spectacle to children with the introduction of wild animals which are packaged in cartoons. So this Zoo Moo channel is suitable for watching children find out about the lives of animals shattered or wild.
Frequency of Zoo Moo broadcasts on the latest Palapa D satellite
How to find the Zoo Moo channel easily, we have to track the Palapa D satellite and then add the Zoo Moo frequency number manually in the transponder list. Next scan the latest Zoo Moo transponder on the Palapa D satellite. It can also do a blind scan on the locked Palapa D satellite. If you are still confused about the Zoo Moo frequency code, please see the following technical data.

Data Information

Satellite Palapa D

Transponder 3960 H 30000

Frequency 3960

Polarization Horizontal

Rate symbol 30000

Transponder ID 1

SID 0704

Channel Name ZooMoo



Service Type Digital Television

Running Status running

Provider Name ZooMoo


Conditional Access 0x4AD2 (BDVT) – Selected

0x4A02 ()

CA PID 5024

Conditional Access 0x4AD2

CA PID 6024

Conditional Access 0x4A02 (TongFang)

The video H.264 Video

PID video 541

Stream Type H.264 Video

ITU-T Rec. H264 | ISO / IEC 14496-10

Profile Format MPEG-TS Main @ L3

Codec ID 27

Resolution 720 x 576 pixels

Frame Rate 25,000 FPS

Aspect Ratio 4: 3

Chroma Subsampling 4: 2: 0

Audio MPEG Audio

PID audio 542

Stream Type MPEG Audio (ISO / IEC 11172)

A country IDN

Local Time Offset 07:00:00

Time of Change 02-Jan-20 8:16:51

Next Time Offset 07:00:00


Table Time Data 02-Jan-20 8:16:51

Network Date Nov 29-19 18:49:26 [GMT +7]

Update on January 3-20 10:28:06

Zoo Rate Data Moo

Stream Type PID Rate (kbps) Percent

ECM / EMM 0x1788 30.27 0.05

ECM / EMM 0x13A0 15.15 0.03

PMT 0x0220 15.05 0.03

MPEG Audio 0x021E 250.61 0.43

H.264 Video 0x021D 1196.31 2.06

PCR 0x021F 75.17 0.13

TOT 0x0014 2.64 0.00

EIT 0x0012 82.88 0.14

SDT 0x0011 27.22 0.05

NIT 0x0010 1.32 0.00

PAINT 0x0001 15.05 0.03

PAT 0x0000 15.05 0.03

Null Packets 0x1FFF 1555.74 2.68

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