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By | August 10, 2019
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Today we update Goldsat rose software that uses the latest Guo Xin chipset. Satellite decoders from GoldSat Parabola are quite diverse, recently the ALI and Nationalchip types are quite fresh. Several times there have been firmware receiver updates with improvements and additional features to make it more stable and pampering its users.

Goldsat rose

This time we will discuss the latest Goldsat firmware. This HD Receiver Guoxin parabolic decoder is one of the many Goldsat Parabola products that use the NationalChip GX6605S chipset. Previously, Goldsat Parabola also issued GoldSat with other chipsets, namely ALI3510C and ALI3510A. So later, don’t choose the wrong firmware, even though you might upgrade Receiver via USB if the wrong firmware won’t enter, but caution is needed.
Receivers that use the Guoxin GX6605S Goldsat Parabolic chipset include Lily, Rose, Orchid, Winter, Summer, and Spring. All of them can use the same firmware because they use the same hardware version code, HW203.00.011 and to note this product name is also used for ALI chipset receivers such as Gold Sat Rose HD. Usually, this Gold Sat gx6605s SW extension is bin if the Ali is ABS.

Here we have wants to provide a download link for the latest Goldsat Rose HD Guoxin firmware. For those who have a receiver and want to upgrade this Receiver software, be careful, always check the correctness of the firmware, don’t use a corrupt SW especially if you can’t hard flash it. For those who need, please download the latest Goldsat Rose HD Guoxin receiver software from the following link.

How to download Goldsat Rose latest software

Product NameU26
Hardware VersionHW203.00.011
Software Version5376
software Update17-07-2019
Wifi ChipsetMT7601, RT5370
Download linksDownload


Press 6666 Installation Sub Menu

What is the Master code of GoldSat Receiver?

The master code is 4 time 0000

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