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I.T home of solution updates and to use one of the advantages of Skybox A1 plus compared to other Skybox A1 Series. Maybe the superiority of Skybox A1 plus H265 is already known because from the beginning, the i.t solution groups were offensive and in several groups also discussed it, especially the Skybox A1 Plus group.

Skybox A1 plus box

One of the advantages of Skybox A1 plus receivers is that you can use the Skybox A1 New AVS 8MB firmware or Skybox A1 AVS 4MB. So in general, although the chipset is different, namely Montage C80510T, it can also run normally with some Montage C8001S firmware. So this time we will try to use Skybox A1 AVS 8MB firmware to Skybox Aone Plus.
Unfortunately a few months ago, we mentioned that the Skybox A1 firmware was as identical as being protected. That also happens in the latest Skybox Aone update, whether it’s 8MB or plus. So it is rather complicated if you want to switch firmware because it is clear that when the customer id is different and there is a customer id authentication a customer id error will appear, even if the checksum ok will be different and the CRC code must change. Unfortunately, e do not know the checksum algorithm, if indeed USB recovery cannot, it must be a hard flash.

Skybox A1 plus

Here we will provide a slight download link to Skybox Aone AVS 8MB firmware which will be used to upgrade Skybox A1 plus H 265. There is no secret code Skybox plus that must be used. We only upgrade the Skybox Aone receiver plus all code as usual if there is no message failed, but if there is a message please use an upgrade with USB recovery either to the Skybox Plus J1.20 version or directly. So the Indonesian Satellite doesn’t think there is a problem. But to move again, take advantage of the USB flash bin recovery feature that was discussed and use the Skybox Aone Plus firmware version J1.20 and below.

How to download software Skybox Aone Plus firmware

Hardware VersionSI-C8001S-A1_Plus
Software ModelC8001S CI-107
Software VersionJ1.31
Update25-07 – 2019
Wifi ChipsetRT5370
Download linksDownload

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