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What is Tux Paint definition?

Tux Paint is a free, prize-winning drawing application for children aged 3 to 12 (kindergarten and K-6). Tux Paint is used in schools all over the world as a drawing activity for computer skills. It has an easy-to-use interface that is combined with fun sound effects and an encouraging cartoon mascot named Tux that appears at the bottom of the screen to provide tips, hints, and information to guide children through the use of the application.

Tux Paint

To start with, children receive a blank canvas and various tools to be creative. The drawing tools are made available on the drawing paper and are easily accessible. The canvas has a fixed size, so you don’t have to worry about ‘pixels’ or ‘inches’ when you take a new photo. The entire program fits on a screen as small as 640×480 and can be displayed in full screen to mask the underlying ‘desktop’ interface of the computer.

What is the stander size of Tux Paint?

(The 800×600 mode is used as standard, but can also be executed in larger formats and in portrait or landscape mode.)

Tux Paint tool

A simple thumbnail is used for loading and saving images, so no knowledge of the structure of the file system is required. Even file names are unnecessary. The interface is both entertaining and convenient for children to use. It is also configurable and options for sound effects, printing, and stop can be disabled. Tux Paint offers huge support in multiple languages, with parts of Tux Paint translated into 129 languages

which kind of tool in Tux paint?

In general, Tux Paint is a great tool for toddlers to discover their creativity. It has a simple interface that young minds can easily understand and there are many different drawing tools available; from brushes and stamps to alternative color palettes. Text can be entered in different fonts and there is also an effective tool to tinker with.

Functions and highlights

  • Different brushes available
  • Parents /teachers can add more brushes
  • Brushes can be animated
  • Brushes can change shape depending on the direction in which they are drawn
  • Alternative color palettes can be created and used
  • Color picker, for choosing colors from a drawing (new in 0.9.23)
  • Hundreds of photos of photographic and cartoon stamps are available
  • add more stamps and create categories for Parents /teachers
  • Descriptive text and sound samples (names, facts, etc.) and / or sound effects can be assigned to stamps
  • Stamps can be adjusted, reversed and mirrored
  • Raster bitmaps (Portable Network Graphics (“PNG”)) with full-color support and alpha transparency (32bpp RGBA)
  • Vector images (Scalable Vector Graphics (“SVG”)) are supported
  • Uses Paint Brush brushes
  • Rubber band indicates that where the line is drawn and where you move the mouse
  • Come in different fonts
  • Bold, italic and size can be changed
  • Parents/teachers can add more fonts
  • Supports different languages
  • Labels can be moved or edited later
  • Print photos on a printer
  • “Magic” (special effects of Tux Paint)
  • Blind – pull the window down or over the photo
  • Blocks – turn parts of the ‘blocky’ photo
  • Blur – blur parts of the image with the mouse
  • Bricks – paint realistic, large or small stone patterns
  • Calligraphy – a smooth brush that changes thickness depending on how fast you iron
  • Cartoon – makes parts of the photo look like a cartoon
  • Chalk – makes parts of the image look like a chalk drawing
  • Color & White – set the photo monotonous
  • Color Shift – Change the colors of the photo
  • Confetti – throw confetti over your photo
  • Darker – darkens the colors of parts of the image
  • Distortion – Slightly changes the position of the photo under the brush
  • Drip – makes parts of the photo look as if they are dripping away
  • Borders – outline the edges of shapes in your image
  • Emboss – gives the edges and shadows of the image
  • Fill – fill an area with a certain color
  • Fisheye – view parts of your photo through a fish-eye lens
  • Mirror – flip the image vertically
  • Flower – draws curvy stalked flowers
  • Foam – paints foamy bubbles that grow when you move the mouse
  • Fold – fold down the corners of your photo
  • Glass tile – view your drawing through glass tiles
  • Grass – paint realistic clumps of grass on the screen and in the distance
  • Hexagon Mosaic – make a pattern of hexagons
  • Irregular mosaic – turn your photo into a mosaic of shards
  • Kaleidoscope – four symmetrical brushes
  • Light – draw rays of bright light on your photo
  • Lighter – blur the colors of parts of the photo
  • Metal Paint – paints shiny metallic colors
  • Mirror – flip the image horizontally
  • Mosaic – turn your photo into a mosaic of colors
  • Negative – invert the colors of parts of the image
  • Noise – add random noise to your photo
  • Perspective – bend your photo to view it from different perspectives
  • Picasso – three brushes that paint simultaneously
  • Puzzle – move parts of your photo as if it were a sliding puzzle
  • ROYGBIV Rainbow – draw a rainbow bow of seven solid colors
  • Rails – sign connecting train tracks
  • Rain – add raindrops to your photo
  • Rainbow – sign with a paintbrush that paints in all colors in the rainbow
  • Real rainbow – draw a colorful bow based on a real photo of a rainbow
  • Ripples – waves rippled over your image
  • Shift – move the entire image
  • Silhouette – turn parts of your photo into a silhouette
  • Smudge – push the colors around as if you stained wet paint
  • Snowball – cover your photo with snowballs
  • Snowflake – cover your photo with snowflakes
  • Square mosaic – make a pattern of squares
  • String V – sign V-shaped string art
  • String Angle – String Art
  • String Edges – drawstrings around the edges of your photo
  • TV – make your photo look like it is on a television
  • Tint – change the color of parts of the photo
  • Toothpaste – paint with colorful gel
  • Tornado – add a tornado funnel to your photo
  • Wavelets – move your photo up and down
  • Waves – move your image back and forth
  • Wet paint – sign with wet, dirty paint
  • Zoom – zoom your entire photo in or out

how to download Tux Paint software Free?

above the link is given below to download Free Tux Paint software

Latest Version: Tux Paint 0.9.23
operting sytem supported Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Author / Product:
New Breed Software
 / Tux Paint
File Size:14.04Mb
Download linksDownload

What is the use of paint tool in Tux Paint?

Tux Paint is used in schools around the world as a drawing activity for computer skills. It combines an easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects and a lively cartoon mascot that guides children through the use of the program. Children receive a blank canvas and various drawing tools to be creative.

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