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Surah fajr

Table of Contents

surah fajr is the second chapter of the Quran’s Quran with 30 verses. Surveys explain the destruction of the infidels: the ancient Egyptians, the inhabitants of the pillars and the righteous, the righteous. It condemns those who love the wealth and seem unpleasant to the poor and orphans.

surah fajr

Contents of the Surah fajr

This Surah, many other like Menccan Surat, have many warnings in very short, meaning, awareness verses.

There are several oaths mentioned in the first part of the sun in which there is no covenant, and primarily to this extent the wrongdoers are to warn about divine punishment.

Another part of this Surah indicates some ancient rebellious nations, such as ‘Ad and
 Thamood people’; and Pharaoh too. The sinful and divine torment which destroyed them, is a lesson for all powerful forces so that they are careful in their condition.

The next section of the Surah, which is related to the previous parts, has been mentioned in human trial and is criticized very sharp in their neglected, good deeds.

In the last part of the Surah, the discussion is about the Hereafter and the destiny of the sinners and infidels, and the opposite of great reward that will be given to believers; whose life is led

surah fajr benefits in Urdu

surah fajr benefits in urdu

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