dream tv space CCCam Free Package for Daily Use


dream tv space CCCam Free Package for Daily Use

every CCCam server provider provides use daily free test line this line is working 12 – 15 Hours when this line is finished you can reactive for One monthly, Two months, 3 Months 6 month and also For One year.

Everybody who uses CCCAM, MGCAM 1st You check you test line if server working smoothly then you can better decide for this server line

How many CCCAM & MGCAM server line provider

There are many Server who provide CCCAM & MGCAM Line Provide some of them I Know like

How I can add CCCAM & MGCAM Line in Receiver

it very easy to add cccam&MGcam line in Receiver

1st Press Menu Button


every Receiver have a different menu so Please check your menu which type of menu You Have

In this post, I am sharing all 1506g 1507g and 1506t menu are same as in this picture but 1506t new Menu is different because of latest software

Menu 1506g

1506t new Menu


How to add CCCam line 1506t Receiver

  • Press the Menu Button
  • Now goto multimedia
  • Now press ok Button
  • Goto sharing option
  • Press Ok
add cccame line 1506t
  • Now select server 1 or 2 to edit your CCCam line

When you select your server

1506t menu server dream tv space CCCam
  • Now go to Active Select Server line ON
  • NOW add your line in Protocol
  • Select Protocol Server which type of line You add if you MGCam line
  • you chose MGCAM
  • if you add CCCam Line Select Protcoal CCCAM like in the pic
dream tv space CCCam
  • Now Add Your server Adress I am using Pak4g.us server and its IP is like this e.g(pak4g.us ) address and press Blue Button to save this option every time we select option this option saving by Press Blue button
  • now select a port this cause I have 16000
  • Now select user add user name
  • now select Password add password
  • after complete all option now press the button to connect the line
  • if the is not connecting 1st exit this CCam then reopen CCCam option and reconnect

HOW to Get dream tv space CCCam Free

Just visit any server there is an option free line Get

  • In dream tv.space server it provides free CCCam lin
  • Create Free Account
  • Login in your account
  • now you can create your free line
 Dream Tv. Space

Dream Tv. Space



Dream Tv. Space


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