istrong satellite receiver 7878 latest software download

By | July 28, 2019
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ithomeofsolution updates the latest strong GX-7878 HD software. iStrong’s decoder increased again, but actually
there were a lot of releases from istrong but indeed only a receiver was not all firmware, so we couldn’t check.
For that, we will discuss one of the iStrong receivers, istrong GX-7878 HD.

istrong satellite receiver

istrong satellite receiver 7878

The strong GX-7878 HD receiver is one of the satellite decoders that use the National GX6605S chipset.
And this istrong GX-7878 HD is one of the many iStong receivers that use the Guo Xin chipset. Many areas identical as strong GX-7878 HD just call strong GX 7575 HD, strong GX 3535 HD which we discussed earlier, there are also still like 8686, 8787, 8585, 3050, 6050 and maybe there are still others with hardware codes HW203.00.006
In Pakistan & Indonesia, the hardware version of the code does not yet exist, but with a little tricking or editing the firmware, the strong GX-7878 HD software is easily used by the Guo Xin chipset receiver in Indonesia, especially the HW203 series. For other series,
it can be easily used through a hard flash process. Most likely it’s only different in the remote panel and configures sections.

istrong satellite receiver

On this page, ithomeofsolution wants to provide the latest download link for the istrong GX-7878 HD software.
If you want to use the istrong GX-7878 HD software upgrade or another receiver, please check first,
don’t use firmware corrupt. For those who need firmware strong GX-7878 HD receiver please download from the following link Below

strong satellite receiver

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