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WinRAR    and the RAR document arrange have advanced after some time. Support for the file organize RAR5, utilizing the equivalent RAR document expansion as prior variants, was included adaptation 5.0; records in the more seasoned RAR document design have since been alluded to as RAR4. WinRAR forms before 5.0 don’t bolster RAR5 documents; just more established renditions of WinRAR keep running on Windows variants preceding XP, and can’t open RAR5 chronicles.

The RAR5 record design expanded the most extreme word reference size to 1 GiB; 11 diverse pressure registry sizes from 1 MiB to 1 GiB are accessible, with the default in adaptation 5 expanded from 4 MiB to 32 MiB, normally enhancing pressure proportion. AES encryption, when utilized, was expanded from 128 to 256 piece. Most extreme way length for records in RAR and ZIP chronicles is expanded to 2048 characters.

Choices included v5.0 incorporates 256 pieces BLAKE2 document hashing calculation rather than default 32 bit CRC32, copy document recognition, NTFS hard and emblematic connections, and Quick Open record to enable extensive files to be opened quicker.

The RAR5 record design expelled remarks for each document (however file remark still remains), genuineness check, and concentrated pressure calculations for content and sight and sound documents. RAR5 additionally changed the document name for split volumes from “file name. NN” to “archivename.partNN.rar”.


  • Creation of pressed RAR or ZIP files.
  • Unpacking of ACE, ARJ, BZIP2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LHA, RAR, TAR, UUE, XZ, Z, ZIP, ZIPX, 7z, 001 (split) chronicles, and EXE documents containing these file positions [9]
  • Checksum (honesty) check for ACE, ARJ, BZIP2, CAB, GZ, BZIP2, RAR, XZ, ZIP, and 7z chronicles
  • Multithreaded CPU pressure and decompression While making RAR documents:
  • Support for the most extreme record size of 16 EiB, around 1.8 × 1019 bytes or 18 million TB
  • Compression word reference from 1 MiB to 1 GiB (It is constrained to 256 MiB on 32-bit particles of Windows, despite the fact that 32 bit Windows still can decompress chronicles with 1 GiB lexicon. Default measure is 32 MiB.)
  • Options, empowered as a matter of course, to advance pressure for executable for x86 processors and the out of date 64 bit Itanium, and delta pressure.
  • Optional 256 pieces BLAKE2 document hash can supplant default 32-bit CRC32 record checksum
  • Optional encryption utilizing AES with a 256 piece key
  • Optional information excess is given as Reed Solomon recuperation records and recuperation volumes, permitting reproduction of harmed documents (counting recreation of totally missed volumes)
  • Optional “Speedy Open Record” to open RAR documents quicker
  • Ability to make multi-volume (split) files
  • Ability to make self-extricating records (Multi-volume self-removing documents are bolstered. The self-extractor can execute directions, for example, running a predefined program previously or after self-extraction.
  • Support for cutting-edge NTFS record framework choices, for example, NTFS hard and representative connections
  • Support for greatest way length up to 2048 characters (put away in the UTF 8 organize)
  • Optional document remark (put away in the UTF 8 arrange
  • Optional record time stamp safeguarding: creation, last access, high exactness change times
  • Optional document deduplication


The product is circulated as “attempt before you get”; it might be utilized without charge for 40 days.[13] In China, an allowed to utilize individual particle has been given authoritatively since 2015.

In spite of the fact that filing with the RAR organize is exclusive, RarLab supplies as copyrighted freeware the C++ source code of the current UnRAR unpacker, with a permit enabling it to be utilized in any product, in this manner empowering others to deliver programming fit for unloading, yet not making, RAR archives.

RAR for Android is for nothing out of pocket. It shows commercials; for an installment, they can be debilitated. A permit for WinRAR does not give promotion concealment to RAR for Android.


          WinRAR 32Bit                               WinRAR 64 Bit


Self-extricating documents made with renditions before 5.31 (counting the executable installer of WinRAR itself) are defenseless against DLL capturing: They may load and utilize DLLs named UXTheme.dll, RichEd32.dll and RichEd20.dll on the off chance that they are in an indistinguishable envelope from the executable record.

It was generally announced that WinRAR v5.21 and prior had a remote code execution (RCE) defenselessness which could enable a remote assailant to embed pernicious code into a self-separating executable (SFX) document being made by a client, “putting more than 500 million clients of the product in danger”. In any case, examination of the case uncovered that, while the powerlessness existed, the outcome was simply an SFX which conveyed its payload when executed; distributed reactions rejected the danger, one saying “In the event that you can discover suckers who will trust a .exe named as self-removing document … at that point you can deceive them into running your snuck JavaScript”



  • Command line RAR and UNRAR were first discharged in pre-winter 1993.
  • Early advancement form WinRAR 1.54b has discharged in 1995 as Windows 3.x programming.
  • Version 3.00 (2002 05): the new RAR3 file arrange is actualized. The new documents can’t be overseen by more established adaptations of WinRAR.
  • Version 3.41 (2004 12): includes bolster for Linux. Z documents like GZIP and BZIP2. New choices incorporate putting away whole document ways and reestablishing compacted NTFS records.
  • Version 3.50 (2005 08): includes bolster for interface skins and Windows XP Professional x64 particle.
  • Version 3.60 (2006 08): includes the multithreaded variant of the pressure calculation, which enhances pressure speed on frameworks with various double center or Hyperthreading empowered CPUs.
  • Version 3.80 (2008 09): includes bolster for ZIP files, which contain Unicode record names in UTF 8

Adaptation 3.90 (2009 05): includes bolster for the x86 64 engineering and Windows 7. A multithreaded bolster is upgraded.

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