NEUSAT Ni 7000 Plus Receiver Latest Software 2018

NEUSAT Ni7000 Plus
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NEUSAT Ni7000 Plus

After ending the 2017 China lunch new Receiver Neusat Ni7000 Plus. As the company says its ultra 4k ultra HD sim Receiver but my opinion that it does not support 4k  video after using this Receiver but it is very good for CCAM & MG cam it is better to work with Sim Dongle and also good connectivity with Wi-Fi.


If you are interested in using Hd Line it works better than other Hd sim Receiver it also working very nice by using the CCAM line it working very fast than other


NEUSAT Ni7000 Plus Software

Software is one of  the major problem to all Dish Receiver  because when the Software is old some  channel shift atomically to new software it is better to check them every month if your Receiver software is old some channel like Sony Wah Sony 1 Ten sport  Sony Ten1 etc. is scramble showing when you did not update your Software.

                                                          1506g   ⇓

                                                 1507g ⇓


                 ————————————– Note————————————————-

Do Not Power Off when You Updating Software 


first, check Your Hardware version like ion picture

Hardware version



1506 G







How To install Software in NEUSAT Ni7000 Plus

Ni7000 plus is very Good for software because its software is available on the internet you can download it and put it in your USB to updating them after downloading the software put it in USB then Goto Setting 


When  press ok new Tab to open like in Picture


Now open your USB then Goto software file Name 1506


now press ok then go to option 3  press again ok Button now starting  software updating start

after completing the software receiver automatically restart again

now check Your version   

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