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Mikrotik 4 wan load balance method step by step

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Mikrotik 4 wan load balance method

Mikrotik 4 wan load balance method

                                               This post illustrates on how you can configure load balancing of multiple wan links using Mikrotik Router board hardware, or RouterOS x86 version.

In this example I have used Mikrotik Router board 750- and 951 model4 ports are connected with Four DSL Routers, and the 5th port was connected with User LAN.

load balance script is  working ( hex lite 750 r2, Router board  450g,750, 951 etc )

DSL Router configuration   Method

Modem 1 IP         ⇒plugin  speedy 1
Modem 2 IP        ⇒ plugin speedy 2
Modem 3 IP        ⇒plugin speedy 3
Modem 4 IP         ⇒plugin speedy 4

                                  5th is your LAN  port

Just download the load balance script upload  in your Router Board

load balance

4 Wan load balance script free download

The password is 1st is roman 2nd rumman

Watch the Tutorial

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