Download the latest software Sniper F16 satellite decoder

software Sniper F16 satellite

Hello Friends Today We updated the SW Sniper F16 satellite decoder. Digital Satellite from Sniper has previously been discussed by Dish Baba. This time we will discuss again Sniper receivers, this time we choose Sniper F16. But here there is a difference if previously the S16 F16 was sized 8MB this time was 4MB.

Maybe some of us remember the Big Burger Matrix, there are 4MB and 8MB, and both are different chipsets. But it is different from Skybox A1 New AVS or K5S type receiver, both of them are the same as there are different sizes of EPROMs, but they can still be replaced. Now for this Sniper F16 chipset is different though the same as the Montage, but 4MB Sniper F16 uses Montage CS8001.

Download the Sniper F16 4MB DVBS-2X Firmware Update Receiver Software

there are quite a lot of users of the Montage CS8001 chipset, it’s just that the 4MB Sniper F16 is identical to Skybox A1 New, but different in broadcasting standards, if Skybox A1 New is only up to DVBS2 but for 416 Sniper F16, it can be DVBS2X. In Asia, it seems that there is no DVBS2x receiver support except for personal import.

On this page, we want to provide a download link for the latest Sniper F16 4MB DVBS2X software. For those who want to upgrade Sniper F16 4MB CS8001, first check the firmware, especially if you want to use it in other receivers. For those who need S16 FMB 4MB DVBS2X firmware please download it from the following link

Download Sniper F16 satellite decoder 4MB DVBS-2X Software

About Information
Hardware HSB151-8001-01 (B)
Software Model 2370_PATCH_V3_8001S
Wifi Chipset 7601
Size 4MB
Software Version 079.0.05226
Update Dec 11 2019 09:45:39
Software Link Download it

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