ali3510c new software

ali3510c all latest software

Hello friends today I am shearing ali3510c new software

ali3510c is usually used in all china Receiver .this software Board Gx 6605s hardware version is Hw203.00.016. GX6605S HW203.00.009, GX6605S HW203.00.015 .

Above list is ali3510c new software

above the list of Ali310c Software version

GX6605S HW102.02.999

GX6605S HW102.02.003

GX6605S HW102.02.013

GX6605S HW102.02.015

GX6605S HW102.02.026

GX6605S HW102.02.028

GX6605S HW102.02.028

GX6605S HW102.000.017

GX6605S HW102.02.002

GX6605S HW102.02.001

GX6605S HW102.02.033

GX6605S HW203.00.009

GX6605S HW102.02.008

GX6605S HW203.00.016

GX6605S HW102.02.026

GX6605S HW203.00.012

GX6605S HW 203.02.015

GX6605S HW203.00.020

GX6605S hw 203.00.017

Ali310c Software information images

Hardware Version



ali Hw102.02.026

Ali3510 c national chip software Hw203.02.017


ali3510c hw203.00.017

All F1 F2 Goto Modal

Hw 102.02.999


ali3510c hw102.02.999

Gx 6605S Hardware Version HW203.00.009

Download Software


Gx6605s010 Hardware version Hw230.00.010

  • Product Name: SI HW203.00.010
  • Hardware Version: SI-GX6605S 010
  • Software Version: 5252
  • Update: 26 – 06 – 2019
  • Size: 4MB
  • Master Code: 0000
  • Patch Code : 6666 Installation Sub Menu
  • Chipset Wifi MT7601,RT5370


ali 3510c HW203.00.010

Gx 6605s003. Hard ware Version HW203.00.003

  • Product Name: SI HW203.00.003
  • Hardware Version: SI-GX6605S 003
  • Software Version: 5050
  • Update Date: 21 – 06 – 2019
  • Fiel Size: 4MB
  • Master Code: 0000
  • Patch Code: 6666 Installation Sub Menu
  • Chipset Wifi: MT7601,RT5370
HW203.00.003 Download

Hardware version HW203.00.001

  • product U25
  • Software Version: V5136
  • Update Date: 12-06 – 2019
  • Hardware version: HW203.00.001
  • software Size: 4MB
  • Master Code: 0000, 6666, 8765
  • Wifi Chipset: MT7601, RT5370
HW203.00.001 Download

Watch The Video Tutorial For Update software

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