Toto link Router

Toto link Router

N100RE is a wireless router designed to enable you to access the Internet by secured Wi-Fi connection. It complies with 802.11n standard and delivers Wi-Fi speed up to 150Mbps. The most advanced WPA/WPA2 encryption method prevents your wireless network from unauthorized access. So N100RE is an ideal choice for general home use.


             Toto link Router Supporting Feature

  •  Complies with IEEE 802.11n/g/b standards for 2.4GHz Wireless LAN.
  • Supports DHCP/Static IP/PPPoE broadband functions.
    Provides 64/128-bit WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA-Mixed security.
  • Up to 150Mbps data rate for Wi-Fi network.
  •  Connects to secure network easily and fast using WPS.
  •  Supports IP, Port, MAC, URL filtering and Port Forwarding.
  • Supports VLAN function for IPTV and other internet services.
  • Multi-SSID allows user to create multiple SSIDs according to their needs.
  • Universal Repeater and WDS function for easy Wi-Fi extension.

Toto Link Router Manual setting 

 Connect your computer to the router by cable or wireless,

  1.        then login the router by entering into         the address bar of your browser.
  2.     Now insert user name and password in the box like in the       diagram 
  3. Select Basic Setup->Internet Setup or Advanced Setup->Network->Internet Setup, there are three modes to choose.
  4. Select DHCP User   
  5.    Choose “PPPoE User”

now save all setting and reboot the router

Watch Tutorial

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