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By | August 20, 2019
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Today we are updating the Channel frequency and symbol rate All satellite TV.

Asiasat 5 channel list, Asiasat 7&9 channel list

Sahara One, Peace Tv Chinese, Jesus Christ Tv Pakistan, BTV (Feeds) Frequency

channel frequency

SMG shanghai media Group, ABP, ABP News India, Zee Network, Channel News Asia, Madani Channel Urdu, Arcana Media Group, Cinemachi Kids Frequency

Group, Cinemachi Kids Frequency

Asiasat 5,7,9 channel Frequency List

CNN International Asia Pacific Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network Taiwan,Rt News, MTA 1, Cartoon Network Philippines, Tv % Monde Asia, Sun TV, Ahelbait Tv Networks Star Tv, Zee Network, Z ETC Bollywood, Zee Rajasthan

 Zee Rajasthan

Fox Networks Group, Star Movies China, Fox News Channel, Sky News International, star chinse Movies South East Asia, Channel V International, Fox Sports 3 Asia, Nat Geo People Aisa, Fx Philippines,Fox Cime HD Asia, Star Tv,AsiaSat, Isaac Tv,Aljazeera English,Hadi Tv 1, Zee Network,Arcana Media Group, Praise Tv Pakistan,Barkat TV

Zee Network,Arcana Media Group, Praise Tv Pakistan,Barkat TV

ss creative solutions, super screen, Starlite Tv, film Asia, TV 99, Champion TV, Jet Tv, Film 1, GTV Pakistan, Himalaya Tv, Star Asia, Punjab Tv, Fox sports Networks Asia, Fox Spots Indonesia, Fox Spots Philippines, Star spots 1 China, Fox Sports 2 Asia, Star Spots Asia, Star Sports 2 China

Champion TV, Jet Tv, Film 1, GTV Pakistan

Star Tv, Turner International Aisa, Cartoon Network South East Asia, Boomerang Network South East Asia, warner TV South East Asia, Warner TV Philippines, Cartoon Network India, HBO south Asia, CNN International Asia Pacific, Cartoon Network South East Asia, Cartoon Network Philippines, CNN international Asia Pacific, HLN international,

Cartoon Network India, HBO south Asia,

Star Tv, Fox Networks Group, Fox Life Asia, Fox Movies Asia, Fox Family Movies, National Geographic Asia, FX Asia, Nat Geo Wild Asia, Fox Asia, Star Tv, Ary Digital Network, Ary Zindagi, Nickelodeon Pakistan, Ary Family, ARY Digital Asia, ARY World, ARY QTV, AEY Musik, ARY Digital UAE, HBO Pakistan, Ary News Pakistan,Ary Digital USA,

Fox Asia, Star Tv, Ary Digital Network, Ary Zindagi,

ss creative solutions, sliver screen, cine Max, Cee Cinema Asia, Jan TV Pakistan, CYV, Chanel 4 News, As News, Bolo News HD, Popular News, Star Asia, Arcan Media Group, Cineplex,SK Music, Gawahi TV, Joo Music, Video Vision Media, Hidayat TV,Global News Pakistan, Manoranjan Tv Test,

Arcan Media Group, Cineplex,SK Music

Aisa, DW English, BU4 Movies Asia Pacific, Bloomberg TV Asia, Aljazeera English, NHK Word Japan, Be that TV, TRT World, Dream Works TV, DW Deutsch, DW English, Fight Sports, KidZone, Hook, B4U Movies India, B4u Music India, Phonnic Info News Channel,

channel frequency BU4 Movies Asia Pacific

ZeeNetwork, Zing Asia, Zee News, Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal

ZeeNetwork, Zing Asia

Sony Pictures Networks India, Sony Wah, Sony Pix South Aisa, Sony BBC Earth, Sony Yay, Ten sports Pakistan, Sony Lepiex, Sony Sab TV Asia, Sony BBC Earth, Sony Ten 1 HD

Ten sports Pakistan,channel frequency

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