Download Software Solid HDS2 2100 Pro

By | November 28, 2019
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we update the latest 8181 solid parabolic decoder set-top box. Discussing Solid receivers, previously had also posted, namely Solid HDS2 2100 Pro. Now we will discuss again one of the Solid receiver software and we will choose solid hds2x-8181. And you could say this is the latest Solid product at this time.

solid hds2x-8181

Actually, in terms of the solid chipset hds2, 8181 is not much different from Solid HDS2 2100 Pro. Both of them use the same Montage chipset and use the same series, the 80010T series. Then most likely both of them can exchange firmware. It’s just possible for the solid 8181 set-top boxes there will be a decrease in its DVBs2x feature because Solid HDS2 2100 is the only DVBS2.


Series 80010T is not new in Asia. Although in India, Indonesia Skybox A1 Plus is the 80510T series, using the montage 80010T receiver software is smooth. So the solid 8181 set-top box software doesn’t seem to be a problem, even if it’s different only in a few light configs like panel or remote.

On this page, we want to provide a link to download the latest solid hds2x-8181 software. For those who want to upgrade the solid software hds2x-8181 or will use it to another receiver, please check the firmware first, don’t use the corrupt one. For those who need a Solid HDS2X, 8181 firmware download link Set Top Box please from the following table.

Solid HDS2 2100 Pro

Download Software Solid HDS2 2100 Pro

About Information
Hardware Model HSB133
Hardware Version HSB151-8001-01(B)
Software Model 2370_PATCH_V3_8051T
Chipset Wifi 5370, 7601, 8188
Software Version 236.1.00004
Update 28 – 10 – 2019
Size 8MB
Software Download

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