Surbit Patagonia IPTV BOX Receiver 8001T 8051T Software

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For a long time, I wanted to post about receivers as IPTV Boxes, even though they are not fully IPTV boxes like the series of NationalChip-chipset receivers which are sometimes entirely for OTT but still have to be registered, and rarely free. This time, we will discuss one of the IPTV Box models, although maybe it’s just a label because I haven’t tried it yet.

Surbit Patagonia IPTV BOX Receiver 8001T 8051T

The Surbit series or labeled Patagonia, uses the Montage 8001T chipset and can also be used for receivers that use the Montage 8051T chipset. This is indeed familiar, especially for Skybox A1 plus users who can mutually change the software that uses the chipset alternately, the important thing is not the Montage 8052T, it can be on the receiver mode.

Surbit Patagonia IPTV BOX Receiver, 8001T 8051T Software

For those who have Skybox A1 Plus, you can try using this firmware. But before that, make sure those who try can hard flash even though the Surbit Patagonia IPTV BOX Receiver 8001T 8051T software is also equipped with USB recovery as usual, which is using a flash file. son. Even so, don’t take it easy if you can’t hard flash.

For those who need and want to try this IPTV box model firmware, please check first. Misuse should not be a problem if you can hard flash it, but for those who can’t do USB recovery, if you don’t dare to do it, don’t try it. And emphasized that it was your own fault, don’t be easy to PM.

TV BOX Receiver 8001T 8051T Software Download

HW ModelIPTV BOX(265)
HW VersionHSB151-8001-01(B)
SW Model2370_PATCH_V3_8051T
Chipset WiFi5370&7601&8188
SW Version229.1.10010
UpdateMay 21 2021 12:36:40

How to Download TV BOX Receiver 8001T 8051T Software Download

Click On the Download Button to Download the Tv Box Receiver software


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