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2017 v23.3
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2017 v23.3
Windows Support: 10/8/7 : 1gb 1Gb Hdd Free Space Dula Core CPU
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Download the latest free version of Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.3 for Windows 2021 my new post. This is the complete offline standalone setup of Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.3 for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.3

Reviews on Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.3

Many of us are curious about our family history. We love knowing more about our ancestors and where they belong and live. Also, sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to learn everyone’s names and remember them. Also, we want to record what we know about our ancestors and we want to share it with our descendants. So we present you the most popular application, Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.3, to record all this for you

family tree maker free

Also, you can browse your family history and last names with this tool. This application allows you to connect directly to a website that can help you with a test to locate your roots. Also, you can create graphics with the image of your ancestors, your parents, and then your children. The user can add dates of birth, place of birth, and other details. Also, you can add specific colors and assign different patterns to specify details.

The user can easily navigate and search the family tree. An application that has an intuitive and simple interface to give you the best possible experience. Plus, it allows you to crop and zoom images so you can get the perfect image to paste into your family tree. You can add clues to different last names effortlessly.

Family Tree Designer 2017

Also, you can undo any changes at any time and correct your mistakes even after weeks. The user can access maps to indicate the places where he lived. Also, you can easily create reports and send them to other people. In conclusion, it is an impressive tool for dealing with your family and effectively forging the path of your ancestor.

Features of Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.3

Here are some key features of Family Tree Maker:

  1. Family Trees: Family Tree Maker allows you to create and manage detailed family trees, complete with information about individuals, relationships, dates, and places.
  2. Data Entry and Storage: You can input and store a wide range of information about family members, including birth, marriage, and death dates, occupations, residences, and more.
  3. Sources and Citations: The software allows you to attach sources and citations to the information you enter, helping you maintain accurate and verifiable records.
  4. Media Integration: You can add photos, documents, and other media to your family tree, enriching your genealogical research with visual and documentary evidence.
  5. Charts and Reports: Family Tree Maker offers various charts and reports that help visualize your family history data. These include pedigree charts, descendant charts, and family group sheets.
  6. Merge and Collaboration: The software enables you to merge duplicate individuals, helping you keep your family tree accurate and organized. It also supports collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on the same family tree.
  7. Integration with Online Services: Family Tree Maker can sync with popular online genealogy services like, allowing you to access and incorporate records and data from these platforms.
  8. Mapping: Some versions of Family Tree Maker include mapping features that allow you to visualize the geographic locations associated with your ancestors.
  9. Research Tools: The software often includes research tools that help you search for historical records, census data, and other information relevant to your family history.

It’s worth noting that “Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.3” specifically refers to a version of the software released in 2017, and there may have been updates or newer versions released since then. Additionally, software versions can vary in features and compatibility with different operating systems.

  • Create, create and generate a family tree for yourself.
  • You can paste photos and images. “
  • Allow setting the place of birth and date of birth.
  • You can also insert the date of death of your ancestors.
  • The user can make reports and send them to relatives.
  • Provides the ability to crop images and enlarge them.
  • You can add colors to each surname.
  • Allow index insertion as desired.
  • Create slideshows and videos with family photos.
  • An application with an intuitive and simple interface.
  • Provide a map to know places and roads.
  • Allow changes to roll back, even after weeks.
  • Users can easily search and navigate.
  • Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.3 Free Download

Technical details of Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.3

  • File size: 770 MB
  • Developer: TreeMaker
  • Compatible: x86 and x64 architecture

System Requirements For Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.3

  • Windows Support: 10/8/7
  • Required RAM: 1 GB
  • Requires hard drive: 1 GB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core

Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.3 Free Download

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