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System requirements for Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus
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Download Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus Dec 2021 Latest Full Version Offline Full Setup For Windows. Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 is one of the best and most widely used office suites that offer a large number of tools to process documents with different templates to get started quickly.

Review Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus Preactivated

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus is a productivity suite released by Microsoft in September 2015, serving as the successor to Office 2013. This suite encompasses a range of popular software applications designed to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses for creating, editing, managing, and sharing various types of documents. Here’s a review of its key features and overall performance:


  1. Familiar Interface: Microsoft Office 2016 retains the well-known and widely used Ribbon interface, making it easy for users who are accustomed to previous versions of Microsoft Office to transition seamlessly.
  2. Improved Collaboration: Real-time collaboration features have been enhanced, allowing multiple users to work on a document simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial for businesses and teams that need to collaborate remotely.
  3. Integration with Cloud Services: Microsoft Office 2016 is tightly integrated with Microsoft’s cloud-based services like OneDrive, enabling users to access their documents from anywhere and on multiple devices.
  4. Smart Lookup: This feature allows users to perform quick research on highlighted words or phrases within the documents without leaving the application. It pulls in relevant information from the web and provides context to users.
  5. Inking and Touch Support: Office 2016 introduced improved support for touch and stylus input, making it more suitable for touchscreen devices like tablets and 2-in-1 laptops.
  6. Enhanced Data Analysis: Excel in Office 2016 comes with Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View built-in, providing advanced data analysis and visualization tools for handling large datasets.
  7. Security and Compliance: Security features have been bolstered, offering better protection for sensitive information and aiding organizations in maintaining compliance with data protection regulations.


  1. No Substantial Design Changes: While the core functionality improved, the overall design of Office 2016 didn’t see significant changes compared to its predecessor. Some users may have expected a more modern and fresh interface.
  2. Subscription Model Omitted: Unlike later versions of Microsoft Office that moved towards a subscription-based model (Office 365 and later Microsoft 365), Office 2016 Professional Plus still follows the traditional one-time purchase model, which might be less appealing to users seeking continuous updates and new features.
  3. Learning Curve for New Users: Although the Ribbon interface remains, some features and functions have been rearranged or added, potentially causing a learning curve for users who were accustomed to older versions.
  4. Limited Collaboration Features: While real-time collaboration was improved, it might still not be as robust as later iterations of Office that were specifically designed with cloud collaboration in mind.

Download Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus September 2021

There are a variety of powerful tools and options for processing documents, as well as presentations, spreadsheets, emails, and databases. An innovative set of features enables the users to control every aspect of the documents, from margins to layout and every detail of the text and media files used in the documents.

Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus September 2021 Download

It also allows you to create interactive presentations, manage spreadsheets, perform complex calculations, and perform various other document management tasks. Moreover, it also provides support for dealing with databases and performs various database management tasks without any hassle. Finally, Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus is a complete productivity suite with the latest May 2020 updates.

Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus September 2021 Download

Features of Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus is a comprehensive productivity suite that includes several applications designed to help users create, edit, manage, and share various types of documents. Here are the key features of each application within Office 2016 Professional Plus:

  1. Microsoft Word 2016:
    • Enhanced Document Collaboration: Real-time co-authoring allows multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously.
    • Improved Readability: Focus Mode removes distractions, and the Insights pane provides additional information from the web.
    • Smart Lookup: Allows users to perform web searches without leaving the document.
  2. Microsoft Excel 2016:
    • Advanced-Data Analysis: Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View are integrated for handling and visualizing large datasets.
    • New Chart Types: Waterfall, Treemap, Sunburst, Histogram, and Pareto charts are added to the chart options.
    • Enhanced Formulas and Functions: New functions and improved formula auto-complete simplify data manipulation.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint 2016:
    • Real-Time Collaboration: Multiple users can edit presentations simultaneously and see each other’s changes in real-time.
    • Morph Transition: Creates smooth animations between slides to enhance visual impact.
    • Improved Presenter View: Provides more information and tools to presenters during a slideshow.
  4. Microsoft Outlook 2016:
    • Clutter and Focused Inbox: Helps organize emails by categorizing important emails in the Focused tab.
    • Enhanced Attachments: Attach files from OneDrive and automatically configure permissions for recipients.
    • Improved Calendar: Intuitive scheduling, weather forecasts, and automatic email reminders for appointments.
  5. Microsoft OneNote 2016:
    • Digital Note-Taking: Capture and organize notes, sketches, and audio recordings in one place.
    • Improved Search: Easily find notes using keywords, tags, and optical character recognition (OCR) for images.
    • Cloud Sync: Synchronize notes across devices using OneDrive integration.
  6. Microsoft Publisher 2016:
    • Professional Publication Design: Create flyers, brochures, newsletters, and more with easy-to-use templates.
    • Online Sharing: Publish documents to the web and share them with others, even if they don’t have a Publisher.
  7. Microsoft Access 2016:
    • Customizable Database Apps: Design custom database applications without programming knowledge.
    • Improved Web Publishing: Share database apps on the web and access them from any device.
    • New Templates: Pre-built app templates provide a starting point for creating custom databases.
  8. Skype for Business 2016:
    • Business Communication: Instant messaging, voice and video calls, online meetings, and screen sharing.
    • Integration with Office: Schedule meetings directly from Outlook and collaborate seamlessly within Office apps.
  9. Additional Features:
    • Integration with OneDrive: Store and access documents in the cloud for easy sharing and collaboration.
    • Inking and Touch Support: Use touch and stylus input for annotations and interactions.
    • Security Features: Improved security measures to protect documents and sensitive information.

These features collectively make Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus a powerful suite for various personal and professional tasks, offering tools for efficient document creation, collaboration, and data analysis. Keep in mind that the availability of specific features might vary depending on the edition and licensing of Office 2016.

Microsoft Office Product Keys

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Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus is a reliable and feature-rich productivity suite that caters to a wide range of users, from individuals to businesses. It offers improved collaboration, integration with cloud services, and advanced data analysis capabilities. However, it lacks some of the more modern design and collaboration features found in later versions. For users looking for a one-time purchase option and a stable suite of applications, Office 2016 Professional Plus could be a good choice. However, those who value continuous updates and the latest features might consider the subscription-based models that followed.

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