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Star Track 150 Platinum latest software

Star Track 150 Platinum/ hi every one today I am going to sharing latest software Star Track 150 Platinum Software 1st check your hardware version press menu Button now go to information or STB info now check software version like in the picture Download the software now when downloading finish now copy the file and… Read More »

All Protocol New & Old version Latest Software

All protocol New and Old Modal Receiver latest software available Software Menu all china protocol receiver software 2018-2019 No                  Software Version Size Download 1 ALL_Protocol_RECEIVER_AUTO_ROLL( 1506c )  4MB Download 2 Dump_PROTOCOL-1506C_DDR2_DC%252B_RF_  4MB Download 3 Access Control _1506G code(2778  4MB Download How to Add Cccam Cline in All protocol HD Receiver Press the Menu button 2.… Read More »

1506 & 1507 all latest software Download

1506-&-1507 version Latest Software No                  Software Version File Size Downloading 1 1506_sw_7.10.20.   4MB     Download 2 1506C_DDR2_AV2018_V1.7.   4MB     Download 3 1506F.T_GPRS_    4MB     Download 4 1506G_512M_SCB4_PUBLIC_DSCAM   4MB     Download 5 1506G_512_SCB1.com_V8.09.25   4MB     Download 6 1507G_512_4M_SCB3   4MB     Download 7 1506TF_SGG1_V8.09.09   4MB     Download 8 Dump_OST_S1506C_2018_D2_V1.4… Read More »

Echolink EL 9999 latest software Free Download

I.T Home solution firmware updates the Echolink receiver using the latest Guoxin GX6605S chipset. Parabolic receivers from Echolink are indeed very diverse; some of the decoder software has also been reviews. So if anyone is familiar with the Star Track, its normal, but if you just read or hear it might need to read a lot. Echolink… Read More »

Download latest Software Echolink El- 1000

Hello Friend Echolink El- 1000 Hi everyone if you are searching software likes Ali3510C and All-China F1 F2 Green Goto Button Receiver. ALL ALI3510C CHIP RECEIVER AUTO ROLL POWERVU KEY NEW SOFTWARE, First check Your Software version like in Picture Echolink El- 1000 ALI3510C-V5530_U35_102.02.028 ALI3510C-HW102.02.033 ALI3510C-HW102.02.999-V-5079 ALI3510C-Hw102.02.003 Download Software if your Receiver has this kind… Read More »

Tiger Receiver latest Software Download

The I.T Home Of updates the latest Software Tiger satellite dish SW. The satellite decoder from Tiger may be familiar to users of satellite dish receivers in All over the world. I.T Home of Solution themselves has discussed quite a lot of software from various Tiger & other variants that can be used as satellite decoders… Read More »

Latest All Biss keys 2019 |new Biss key

New Biss Keys 2019 ASIASAT 5 KTM DSNG 3794 V 1199 BISS : A1 B2 C3 16 A1 B2 C3 16 AJAX TV ASIASAT 5 IMG Asia 3700 V 30000 BISS : FB AE 5F 08 75 84 48 41 ASIASAT 5 LIGA SANTANDER 1 3840 H 29720 BISS : 32 CE 58 58 A6… Read More »

Download NEOSAT NS 990Dlatest software

NEOSAT NS 990D Receivers Software hi Friends Today I am going to show you how to update software Ns 990D  Just press Menu Button On your remote then Go to Setting now go to about option See the version of Your Receiver Hardware like in Picture NOW DOWNLOAD RELATED SOFTWARE           … Read More »

STAR .X. C98 FULL HD Latest Software Download|Enable biss key Option

STAR .X. C 98 FULL HD STAR X C98 Dish Receiver in the very Good Quality receiver.  Key  Feature  DVB-S/DvvB-S2 Satellite (MPEG-11/MPEG-iv/H.264 SCPC &MCPC receiver from Ku and C band satellites Universal, single, Single S & C Band Wideband LNB Compatible code Rates:1/2, 3/5, /2/3,  ¾, 4/5, 5/6 , 6/7,7/8/, 8/9 ,9/10 DiSEqC 1.0/1 1.1/2./1.3(USALS)… Read More »

NEUSAT Ni 7000 Plus Receiver Latest Software 2018

NEUSAT Ni7000 Plus After ending the 2017 China lunch new Receiver Neusat Ni7000 Plus. As the company says its ultra 4k ultra HD sim Receiver but my opinion that it does not support 4k  video after using this Receiver but it is very good for CCAM & MG cam it is better to work with Sim Dongle… Read More »